So one of the ways you are able to do this with out like breaking the financial institution to is like Amazon

However I do have them as a result of I've kits - and you realize like in the present day, whereas we're filming this proper now there was simply an active shooter situation at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. There have been two individuals killed: there's eleven people in the hospital shooters dead. Now as well. That is a mass casualty incident right. We dwell in that world right and so I do prepare for the world we reside in. So I carry this stuff. You already know huge trauma, dressings things like that, however yeah. Like John said, this is for the second of incident. This is the aftercare yeah, you get them residence, you got a bill to deal with them. The choice is, goes to be cutting up bed sheets and boil them in pots. Proper, yeah and - and you realize, and that is the most important thing is it's a must to have the the fundamental the need is bare-bones to to essentially keep that aid going, because you understand you talk about. Any person takes a gunshot wound if it does not hit an artery to the arm. If it is a through-and-by way of, you know it is something that extremely survivable, oh completely dream lee occurs, occurs on this property here with proper care, but that man, you already know, would possibly going to say man might get shot. You already know by means of a bicep does not do any injury would not hit. Any bone has no issue. When you don't hold it from getting contaminated he is just as dead as for those who never put a tourniquet on it, to stop the bleeding zactly and, and so that's what these things is, is all about being able to proceed that assist and in case you're talking about we Wish to go back to we will have a bunch of people mm-hmm, a group of individuals means more, we get more more and more medical preparedness because you already know like we said that is that is for that the very immediate the madman occasion that one thing happened. This and - and we won't get to the purpose in our preps - if we're talking about a neighborhood the place we save somebody, as a result of they have been shot within the arm and we put a tourniquet on them mm-hmm, but now they'll die, because we've nothing to do Once we take that tourniquet off no ro, we won't take it okay, so yeah we do not have the ability proper care form and to like in in catastrophe of environments, one of the crucial widespread accidents aside from a mechanical injuries, however even other burns burns. Individuals having to prepare dinner over open fires living outdoor type of occasions, having burn dressings and the flexibility to take care of burn dressings once more, if you can't get the you recognize, the actually prime quality stuff like like this one, gauze and saline will do a high quality job yeah. But you got to have it, you understand you've got to have these things, you realize mylar blankets for treating shock and ain't even hypothermia, encases sterile scalpels in case what, if someone's bought like a huge splinter embedded in them? You got to get it out. Yeah! It will suck however having the sterile materials to do these things, and also you additionally need issues like non-stick, surgical pads. Yes, I can not bear in mind abd pads. Yes, powerful, look but yeah. I've a bunch of them as a result of if Chris cuts himself once once more, that's going to begin to scab and heal perfect. If you take only a regular roll of gauze, I wrap it on them. Give it next. You know to our rotor, I rip it. I rip off every part that was trying to grow back, that that wholesome tissue that was trying to develop back. We put one other one on couple hours later. I just rip it off again. That is why you need to have you recognize, nonstick, bandages and like these. These are great as a result of these are a nonstick. By no means had them. Stick with me ever and to one of many things to bear mine is if you're doing the dressing. Changing is put some sterile saline on it, get it moist, it would come off easier. So one of the ways you can do this with out like breaking the bank to is like Amazon. You understand all of us love hate Amazon. I do know I do elevate it, but you may subscribe to their subscribe and save yep. So you say all right. Each month I want a field of gauze and I want a box of these, so that you let that run for just a few months and then you are going to you switch one of many items out. It's only a way to do that without seeing a big impact to your budget. site internet

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